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ETS is one of the fastest growing health-care companies in the Israeli market, selling a wide range of baby and health care products.

The company exists for over 50 years; we are well known in the Israeli market as a reliable, serious and hard-working company, with proved achievements.
We are selling baby and health care products, para medical and consumer products to pharmacies, pharm chain stores, HMO’s, baby stores and supermarkets all over Israel.Except for our own brands and imported products, ETS provides a distribution platform for other importers and manufacturers in the Israeli market. The products are getting from our warehouses and distributed to the stores all over the Israeli market

ETS leading Brands

Some of our leading brands:

    SWEETIE baby products
    WISDOM dental products, England
    MACK'S earplugs, MCKEON, USA
    CLEAN PAPER paper products, Italy
    HUGO hot water bottles, Germany
    A+D blood pressure monitors, Japan
    ARIX sponges, Italy
  • Salux Japan

Private label services
We are supplying to some of our big buyers private label services.
Based on our many years experience we help them to create their own brands, starting from an idea, going through designing the packages and choosing for them the right manufacturers all over the world

Technology & Serviceability
From the technological aspect we are equipped with the most advanced equipment ,computerization accustomed especially to our activity, and this enables us to give the best service to our customers.
Our marketing department consists of 12 sales agents who are spread all over the Israeli market, and are equipped with unique computers and softwares formed according to the company needs. The orders received from the customers are passed on-line to our warehouses and deliveries are prepared within 24 hours.